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H.O.P.E. (Higher Opportunities through the Power of Employment)

Supported employment programs help people find competitive jobs, (that is, jobs that pay at least minimum wage that any person can apply for) that are based on the person’s preferences and abilities.

Supported employment is based on six principles:

  1. Eligibility is based on consumer choice. No one is excluded who wants to participate.
  2. Supported employment is integrated with treatment. Employment specialists coordinate plans with the treatment team: case manager, therapist, psychiatrist, etc.
  3. Competitive employment is the goal. The focus is community jobs anyone can apply for that pay at least minimum wage, including part-time and full-time jobs.
  4. Job search starts soon after a consumer expresses interest in working. There are no requirements for completing extensive pre-employment assessment and training, or intermediate work experiences (like prevocational work units, transitional employment, or sheltered workshops).
  5. Follow-along supports are continuous. Individualized supports to maintain employment continue as long as consumers want the assistance.
  6. Choices and decisions about work and support are individualized based on the person’s preferences, strengths, and experiences.



Person must have a behavioral health diagnosis.

Person must have a desire to work!

Consumers, family members, and advocates are well aware that people with behavioral health disorders have many talents and abilities that are often overlooked. These include the ability and motivation to work. Work is an important part of the recovery process for many consumers.

Research has shown that:

70% of adults with a severe mental illness desire work.

60% or more of adults with severe mental illness can be successful at working when using supported employment.

For many consumers the opportunity to have a regular job is an important part of their recovery process.

What Services Do You Provide?

At the HOPE program one of our Employment Specialists will meet with you to develop an individualized Employment Plan that meets your interests and desires and help you achieve you goals!

We assist individuals seeking competitive and permanent employment in our community.

We may also help you understand how going to work may effect your State or Federal Benefits

In 2012-13, 42 people found a job of their choice, with 28 meeting NE Vocational Rehabilitation outcome of 120+ days continuous employment. During the period, program participants earned over $613,000 in wages.

Employment Services Fact Sheet

Who can Join the Program?

At this time we are only able to serve Adults 19 and older with a Mental Health &/or Substance Diagnosis living in the Region V Systems Provider area.  For more information contact :

Kara Magdanz
Hope Program Coordinator

For more information please call us at (402) 441-4372  and we would be glad to assist you.





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