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MHA-NE is dedicated to the delivery of mental health programs and services in an environment characterized by strict conformance with the highest standards of accountability for administration, business, marketing, and financial management.  MHA-NE leadership is fully committed to preventing and detecting fraud, fiscal mismanagement, and misappropriation of funds; and ensuring all requirements for contractual obligations and organization accreditation are satisfied.  To ensure ongoing monitoring and conformance with all legal and regulatory requirements, adherence to MHA-NE’s policies and procedures, and maintenance of applicable contracts and grants.  Any person/entity has the right to file an incident or complaint without fear of being harassed, fired or disciplined from an employer, retaliated against, or removed from services,  as a result from action or behaviors by coworkers, peers, management, 

Grievances should be handled on an informal basis if possible. Persons who are dissatisfied with a decision or action should first attempt to work out the issue with the parties directly involved.  This includes reporting the concern to a supervisor, if applicable. If the grieving party does not know who to start the informal conversation with, he/she can call MHA-NE Compliance Officer (308 520 3462) for assistance in whom to contact.

If a resolution to the concern cannot be agreed upon at an informal level, the person grieving the situation should continue with the steps as listed below. (Please click here to view the full procedures.)

Complete the form as instructed.

The form may be submitted via mail or e-mail  to:

Wendi Cohn, Compliance Officer
1645 “N” Street
Lincoln, NE  68508





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