Who We Are

Mission & Vision


We exist to promote wellness and recovery


We are the leader for nationwide transformation in the Behavioral Health Community

Our Mission

We assist individuals living with mental health and/or substance use issues to gain and maintain their recovery by:

  • Intentional Peer Support
  • Offering Informed Choice
  • Advocating
  • Promoting Wellness
  • Encourage hope throughout all MHA services and activities

Core Values (Team Agreement)

  • To actively participate in and be mindful of our own wellness and recovery
  • To be direct, respectful, transparent and honest
  • To be open, transparent and honest about potential conflicts of interest and/or biases
  • To treat everyone with unconditional high regard
  • To be innovative, creative and adaptable
  • To strive for personal excellence and thrive as a team
  • To grow and move forward through conflict and handle within a timely manner
  • To use and believe in our own abilities and know when to utilize the strengths of our team
  • Peer support isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle
  • To be humble and act with integrity
  • To choose to live, laugh, love and grow
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