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MHA-NE was incorporated in 2001. We are a completely peer operated, participant driven organization that provides a variety of different programs available to individuals with mental health and/or substance use issues. MHA-NE offers alternative options for those experiencing mental health and/or substance use issues as well as crisis prevention.   

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No matter what holidays you choose to celebrate this time of year, one thing is undeniable: it's the best time of the year to spread some cheer.

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Board member Melissa Ripley, of LPD, was recognized on 9/14/16 at the Inspire Awards Luncheon held at the Cornhusker in Lincoln.  Inspire recognizes women leaders and the impact they are making on our community.  Melissa was one of three finalists for the Excellence in Government Service Award. 

When we practice mindfulness, we train our brain to refocus on current surroundings, leaving us in a more peaceful and relaxed state. If you want to practice mindfulness, check out these easy steps.

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