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Wednesday WRAP at MHA-NE (Region V Building) CANCELED until further notice

Wednesday WRAP at MHA-NE (Region V Building) is CANCELED until further notice.

The novel corona virus (COVID-19) situation and its impact on our community is unprecedented and changing rapidly. The health and well-being of our community is, and has always been, our #1 priority.
Given the increased threat that Covid-19 poses to our global community, and out of abundance of caution, MHA's main office located on 1645 N Street in Lincoln will temporarily be closed.

MHA peers are still available for continued support during these times.
Keya House Warmline -> (402) 261-5959
Honu Home Warmline -> (402) 975-2032

We have also put together a support group on FB if anyone is interested follow this link ->[0]=68.ARAsd-bm4GDh3BuUY3vKqOMhaw2EhRU_DYJXf38fnqLWpAcppO0NlEIec5LXUA5UoUf0QyUl3XsHA93AaYKz3B518_PatBUvbFy_CGV713TmS7rry-6ZNGDHK31Li9L_8HUjf2jjn-nUalPUcWxnEFBgxBeBR4IECGCxQE3DMksME0FnxG7sdVlkc02VustnAFWsGgZLUTi97j_WSma1LFMYx-_smLASSysL-Oujd596XA07L1KJpH2IffVvAfRH0JLW4hSNwJ8iLbnIpwne6IWNAoV7dd1CQXmo4DKZQ-Oz6FslEk1_6rth7-hi_XIbFcH1Z2Wy1okvDm2IyWuAkYIcoDc


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